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"We are determined to get what we want, at all cost, all means possible, and we will get our restoration completed."

The devastating losses of the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon have led Karine to believe they are well past the point of no return. "At this point, living together with the French Cameroon part of Cameroon, will not be possible... It will just be another ticking time bomb because we will never be able to get over the things have been done to us."


"Seeing dead bodies littered here and there... nobody should go through that, for nothing! Because I think this is a senseless war.  It is a war that we do not deserve. People have had to go into the forest and live there. Some had to run away to Nigeria, where today they are still living the forest. "


Karine wishes the United Nations, international community and African Union to intervene in this crisis. "It is time to arrive and to say that human life matters, the lives of the people of Southern Cameroon matter."

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is present in Cameroon, yet remains severely underfunded. Their goal remains to assist the 4.4 million people in need in Cameroon, who are affected by multiple humanitarian crises. With Boko Haram attacks to the North, a constant stream of refugees arriving from CAR, severe floods, Covid-19, and the Anglophone Crisis, the load is vast and the resources low. 





Unable to go home due to a lack of personal safety.



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