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"I am an amputee. I was not born like this, but I’ve come to accept that this is me now."


"Once you accept your condition, you can live with it. So nothing can stop me. I can do whatever a normal human being with two legs and two hands can do. The only thing I can’t do is run!"  

Agnes was able to source a new leg in South Africa. She is incredibly frustrated that she is not safe to go back home and feels completely stuck. "I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss my home.  I just hope everything goes back to normal. It has not been easy…people have been killed...children…women…family members….friends… it’s very sad."

Despite all of the losses, Agnes' story is one of resilience. She is a strong advocate for making the most out of life and firmly believes that a  "disability is not being disabled. You are still able to do whatever you want to do!"




Stuck in South Africa


For peace to go home

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