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"We want to separate because we need a better life and a better future."


Ingwa is convinced that the only way to feel safe and go home again, is by having the Southern Cameroons region become an independent nation. Given his insurmountable losses, he views the whole of the French side as a unanimous whole who wishes to kill him. "The Francophone side, they treat us badly. When we went out to protest, they started killing us. They killed my brothers... this is why I ran."

After fleeing Cameroon, Ingwa embarked on a path throughout Africa, and ended up imprisoned in Equatorial Guinea. "We told him [a political leader] how we landed there and [he] released us. From there they sent us back to the border with Congo. I stayed there for some time, before going to South Africa."

Wearing traditional Cameroonian attire, Ingwa hides his true identity behind a mask from Congo, set against a Shweshwe fabric background—a printed dye cotton textile from South Africa—all of these alluding to his personal journey of displacement. 






To be able to take his mask off and feel freedom again

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