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"For once we have given ourselves our own name—Ambazonian. People should just call us that. "

Ambazonia is the chosen name that Anglophone separatists have chosen to name their independent country.  This is in reference to the Ambas Bay, a body of water located in the Southern Cameroons. 


"I come from the North West region of Cameroon, which is part of Ambazonia. It is very common on the streets for a Francophone to refer to an Anglophone as a Biafran. French Cameroonians have been educated by their government to refer to us as Biafrans, to be asssociated with a failed revolution. Why? Because the Biafrans in the 70s also had a revolution where they were trying to succeed from Nigeria."

The Republic of Biafra declared independence in 1967. It was in existence for nearly three years, finally surrendering in 1970, during the Nigerian Civil War. Over one million Nigerian people died during this period. 

Derric believes that the only way forward is for the Southern Cameroons region to separate and have a new name - one that has been chosen and not given. 

To learn more about what Ambazonia means, go to DISPLACEMENT (coming soon)






For an independent country named Ambazonia

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